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Tahira S

“My dentist back home said the dental work was some of
the best work she has seen” 

Join our Story at Aidencare

Welcome to Aidencare, where dentistry becomes a remarkable, delightful experience, merging the innovation of modern dental treatment with utmost comfort. We are committed to enhancing your oral health journey by equipping our team with the latest, cutting-edge technology, while never compromising on exceptional service.


But that's not all - our clinic is more than just a dental practice. It serves as a distinguished international teaching facility, collaborating with prestigious universities from around the world for dental education. Locally, we actively participate in providing internships and partnering with renowned international schools.


At the heart of Aidencare is Dr. Sum, our esteemed Dental Director. With a passion for Orthodontics & Implantology, Dr. Sum's dedication extends beyond the clinic walls. Collaborating with charitable organizations, he works tirelessly to uplift oral hygiene standards in our local community. 


Join us at Aidencare and embrace dentistry like never before - where brilliance meets compassion, innovation meets comfort, and your oral health takes center stage.

Chinese family playing with kid


Gubei Soho 30F

188 Hongbaoshi Road

Changning, Shanghai

Aidencare Dental Clinic

+86 21-6167 1809         (中文)  

+86 191 1738 6506      ( Eng)     

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