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Our Mission


A message from our CEO

I first conceived the idea of Aidencare in 2017 in Shanghai when I deduced from the current trends of business and the dental industry that there would be a strong space for AI & Dentistry. 


The mission of Aidencare is to provide everyone with the tools for AI assisted diagnosis of images whether they are from X-Rays or regular photographic images. The dental industry professionals will be the first to adopt the technology whereas the general public will be able to use the technology on mobile devices in the future. 


The company was founded on the notion that everybody in the world should have access to the best clinical opinion in Dentistry. With the advances of internet, Artificial Intelligence and big data this vision can become reality. 


Currently we have several partners involved in the development & marketing of this project and continue to seek players to assist the growth of Aidencare 

Above: Dr. Sum prepares to treat villagers in the province of Gansu on a medical charity relief mission

Our team provides you with

the Best AI support for Image Diagnostics

Dr. Oscar Sum

Dr. Sum graduated from King’s College London in 2011 & continued postgraduate study in the field of Dental AI before starting Aidencare in 2017. He is also the Dental Director of Global Healthcare China. 

Dr. Jing Shi

Mr. Shi served as the project director of several regional health information platform projects. He holds one patent for invention & two patents for utility models (including one patent for medical equipment IT). 

Mr. Yue Qing Zhang

With more than 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, Mr. Zhang is an expert in technology & winner of many government awards, holding invention patents including multiple solutions across different industries including food and beverage chains (e.g. Kung Fu) and medical devices (in Opthamology). 

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