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Dr. Sum of Aidencare: A Unique Ortho-Restorative Expert in Shanghai

Dr. Sum performing dentistry

Aidencare Dental stands out not just as a cutting-edge dental clinic, but as a beacon of excellence and innovation in dental care. At the heart of this exceptional practice is Dr. Sum, an esteemed Dental Director renowned for his expertise in orthodontics and restorative work. Dr. Sum’s unique approach to dental care, particularly his expertise in ortho-restorative treatments, sets him apart in the field.

Ortho-Restorative Dentistry: The Best of Both Worlds

Ortho-restorative dentistry is an integrated approach that combines the principles of orthodontics & restorative dentistry. This speciality focuses on both the alignment of teeth and the restoration of damaged or missing teeth to achieve optimal dental health and aesthetics. Dr. Sum is a leading figure in this domain, known for his ability to create comprehensive treatment plans that address both structural and restorative needs.

Ortho-restorative dentistry is an integrated approach that combines the principles of orthodontics and restorative dentistry

The "Align, Bleach, Bond" is the treatment philosophy Dr. Sum brings to Aidencare; This philosophy was first conceived by Dr. David Galler in New York and has gained popularity throughout the world including Dr. Tif Qureshi in the UK, due to the holistic and long-lasting dental care in which Dr. Sum also bases his philosophy on.

align bleach and bond philiosphy

Above: An example of an Align, Bleach and Bond treatment;

This treatment has been popularised in the UK by Dr. Tif Qureshi whom Dr. Sum trained under in the MClinDent Course at King's College London

This approach involves three key steps:

1. Align: The first step focuses on correcting the alignment of teeth using orthodontic treatments such as clear aligners (e.g., Invisalign) or traditional braces. Proper alignment is crucial not only for aesthetic reasons but also for ensuring the correct function and long-term health of the teeth and jaw.

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2. Bleach: Once the teeth are properly aligned, the next step is to enhance their appearance through teeth whitening. This step ensures that the teeth not only function well but also look their best, contributing to a brighter and more confident smile.

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3. Bond: The final step involves restorative procedures to repair any damaged teeth or enhance their appearance. This might include bonding, veneers, or crowns, all tailored to create a seamless and natural look.

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Comprehensive Treatment for Long-Lasting Results

Dr. Sum believes that the combination of these three steps forms the basis for holistic and long-lasting dental treatment. By addressing both the alignment and the aesthetic aspects of dental care, he ensures that patients receive comprehensive solutions that go beyond temporary fixes. His dedication to this philosophy has earned him a reputation for excellence in Shanghai and beyond.

A Commitment to Excellence and Compassion Beyond his technical skills, Dr. Sum is deeply committed to enhancing the overall patient experience. Aidencare Dental is not just a clinic but an international teaching facility that collaborates with prestigious universities worldwide. Dr. Sum himself works tirelessly with charitable organizations to uplift oral hygiene standards in the local community, demonstrating his commitment to both excellence and compassion in dental care.

Aidencare Dental, under Dr. Sum's leadership, invites you to embrace a new standard of dentistry where brilliance meets compassion, and your oral health takes center stage. For those seeking comprehensive, long-lasting dental solutions, Dr. Sum’s ortho-restorative expertise offers a remarkable and delightful experience.

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visit Aidencare Dental and join the journey towards exceptional oral health.


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