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The perception is that implants are expensive and unaffordable, However, are they really? Do they differ in price in other treatment options? I recently also did an article on the cost of dentistry and the variations in quality and price which can be found here.

At Aidencare Dental, we are proud to announce that we work with the government incentive to control the cost of implants so you will get maximum value and quality for implants done here.

1. How long does it take?

This depends on:

  1. Is there already a tooth in the space that needs to be taken out

  2. Has there been a missing space there for a long time

  3. Do you need a bone graft?

  4. Do you need a gum graft?

A Simple implant can take 3 months to "osseointegrate". i.e. set into the bone

After this is completed we can make the crown which takes around 1 - 2 weeks. For complicated cases involving bone or gum grafting, it can take 6 months to a year to complete

2. Parts of Implant:

Dental Implant parts

The implant body

The body, for a lack of better words is the part that sinks and locks into the bone, resembling the root of the tooth. The brands we work with (but not limited to) at Aidencare include: Nobel Biocare, Straumann & Osstem.

Then we go into certain models of brands, for example Nobel Biocare (which has recently participated in the government VBP initiative to control cost), has several models e.g.:

  • VBP - PCC - Value implant

  • Nobel Active - Premium implant

So very quickly you can see that this can cause different variations of price and we haven't even got onto different kinds of abutment and different materials of crown.

The abutment

The abutment selection can also vary in price, there can be stock abutments from the implant brand or custom abutments from the lab, but the choice can depend on the case so this is not an question easily answered without a check up.

3. Implant vs Bridge (or other treatment options)

Dental Implant vs bridge

I'm not against the dental bridge if it's indicated, for those of you not familiar, certain types of bridge involve cutting the teeth either side of the missing space so a false tooth can be "hung" on both teeth. This can be a great option if:

  • You don't have adequate bone for the implant and don't want to undergo bone grafting.

  • You don't have adequate gum for the implant and don't want to undergo gum grafting.

  • The tooth teeth to be cut are not virgin teeth, meaning they already have a filling or crown of some sort (so we are not doing much more additional cutting).

But to challenge this option: The bridge itself may not different too much in price in comparison with the implant, especially not there is a government incentive to control implant prices.

4. Do you need a bone or gum graft?

Simply put, we need to assess through the use of a CBCT (3D X ray) whether you have another bone height or width, this is near impossible without seeing these details on a screen and taking clinical photos of your gum in relation to the lip line. In cases of severe bone resorption where a tooth may have been missing for a period of time, a bone graft will be necessary, likewise if there has been previous gum recession in some areas, a gum graft will be necessary.

5. So How much do they cost?

If are talking about the simplest of implants

Then the total can start from 5000 RMB (Around 650 USD).

At Aidencare Dental, we are one of the top places in Asia to go for

Dental Implants, find out why here.

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This Article was written by Dr. Oscar Sum

Dr. Oscar Sum Dentist at Aidencare

Dr. Oscar Sum is a dentist in Shanghai practising in central Shanghai who performs Implant surgery, Orthodontics, and other advanced dental procedures.

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