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Why Aidencare Dental has become the top choice for Shanghai expats & locals to seek for Implants

About the Aidencare Dental Implant team

Lower Implant costs | State-of-the-art equipment

Aidencare Implant Center - Shanghai's Top choice for Implants

The Implant team at Aidencare is elite, having global implant experts recognised all around the world

Aidencare is proud to work with the local government to lower implant costs via the VBP program

The Aidencare Implant Center is state-of-the-art & rivals other Global Implant centers.

The elite Aidencare Dental Implant team

At Aidencare we are proud to have one of the best Implantology departments in Asia. Doing top-quality implants means you have to have top-quality surgeons along with the best prosthodontists who really understand the restorative side of dentistry since they are the dentists who will ultimately restore the implants. This combination allows us to treat the most difficult cases such as All-On-4, Trans-Sinus Implants, Zygomatic Implants which serve as Dr. Teoh Chang's specialty (Founder of the Hong Kong Dental Implant Support Club). With Dr. Oscar Sum supporting restoring the full arch cases with his extensive experience in occlusal rehabilitation, there is little the team is not able to handle.

Dr. Oscar Sum Specailist Dentist Prosthodontist Cosmetic and Implant Specialist

"Full arch Implant cases are extremely satisfying for me to treat since you really make a huge difference to the patient's quality of life" - Dr. Oscar Sum

Lower Implant material costs

In 2023 The Chinese government released their policy on VBP Implant purchasing to control the price of implants. This price was made available to certain clinics such as Aidencare hence we are able to provide Implants at a lower cost in comparison to the average. In fact, in some instances, we may even be lower than some of the public hospitals. We believe this is an excellent direction the government has taken and it is a win-win for all parties, especially the patients.

State-of-the-art equipment

Everything from the Dental Chair, Implant drill, X-ray machine and treatment planning procedure puts Aidencare at the top of the game. Due to our advanced digitalisation workflow, we can ensure implants placed at Aidencare will have higher accuracy since we have the ability to manufacture surgical guides in-house. Our surgical room also serves as a teaching facility for postgraduate dentists wishing to improve on their skill.

More on the Dental implant workflow will be released later.

To book an appointment with one of our specialists

please call 19117386506 (English)

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speak with one of our customer service reps

If there are any other questions relating to this, please get In touch.

This Article was written by Dr. Oscar Sum

Dr. Oscar Sum Dentist at Aidencare

Dr. Oscar Sum is a dentist in Shanghai practising in central Shanghai who performs Implant surgery, Orthodontics, and other advanced dental procedures.

Please call 19117386506 or scan the QR code to enquire about an appointment with Dr. Sum

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