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Why Aidencare Dental Is the Premier Choice for Dentistry in Shanghai for Locals and Expats

Aidencare shanghai dental clinic

In the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, where traditional meets contemporary and the city never sleeps, dental care has evolved into an art form, thanks to institutions like Aidencare Dental. Located at the heart of this vibrant city, Aidencare Dental has established itself as a beacon of excellence in dental care for both locals and expatriates. This article explores the unique aspects of Aidencare Dental that make it the top choice for dental services in Shanghai.

Internationally Trained Experts Leading the Way

At the core of Aidencare’s success is its world-class team of dental professionals, led by the esteemed Dr. Oscar Sum, the clinic's Dental Director. Specializing in Orthodontics and Implantology, Dr. Sum’s passion and dedication to dental excellence go beyond the clinic’s walls. His commitment to community service and improving oral hygiene standards in the local community sets a commendable example.

Joining him is Dr. Teoh Chang, a renowned Implantologist with a profound track record of over 10,000 implant cases. Dr. Chang is not only a practitioner but also a respected lecturer in Hong Kong, specializing in autogenous bone grafting. His expertise ensures that implant procedures at Aidencare are nothing short of world-class.

Pediatric dentistry at Aidencare is spearheaded by Dr. Adrian, who brings a gentle and expert approach to treating younger patients. His international training and extensive experience make him particularly adept at dealing with the unique challenges of pediatric dentistry.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Facilities

Aidencare shanghai dental clinic room

Aidencare Dental prides itself on housing the latest dental technologies and equipment. This commitment to incorporating advanced technology is a cornerstone of their ability to provide top-notch care. The clinic's facilities are designed to ensure that every treatment from routine cleanings to complex surgeries is performed with precision and ease, ensuring patient comfort and optimal outcomes.

A Hub for Dental Education and Collaboration

Aidencare Dental doubles as an international teaching facility, collaborating with prestigious universities worldwide. This not only keeps the team at the forefront of dental research and practices but also attracts dental students and professionals who contribute to an enriching exchange of knowledge and skills. This aspect of Aidencare makes it a nurturing ground for dental excellence and innovation.

World-Class Clinic Design

The aesthetic of Aidencare Dental is nothing short of breathtaking. Designed by a world-famous designer, the clinic’s environment is crafted to provide a calming, almost spa-like experience for patients. This beautiful design helps ease the natural anxiety that can accompany a dental visit, making patients feel more relaxed and at ease.

Aidencare shanghai dental clinic meditation room

Aidencare Dental’s blend of highly skilled professionals, advanced technology, educational collaboration, and stunning design make it the top choice for dental care in Shanghai. Whether you're a local resident or an expatriate, the clinic's approach to dental care, focusing on comfort, innovation, and expertise, ensures that every visit is not just about dental treatment, but a delightful experience. In Shanghai’s competitive healthcare landscape, Aidencare Dental stands out as a beacon of dental excellence, where every smile is crafted with precision and care.


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