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Aidencare visited the China Coca Cola office to give an engaging stimulating talk on the important of oral health. Topics that were discussed included Pediatric dentistry, Orthodontics, Implant Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Periodontics. The staff received fruitful tips on how they can make their teeth last longer but also the right time to do Orthodontics. It was a milestone in Aidencare & Coca Cola's company as it marks a first ever collaboration with a Dental Clinic. We are so happy for this collaboration bringing both of our brands close together.

This collaboration brings both of our brands closer together with "happiness" being a core part of both our company values

Dr. Oscar Sum giving a talk at Coca Cola company

Is Coca Cola really that bad for your teeth? Or are there other definitive factors that cause decay? That was the first question that was posed to Dr. Sum and the answer can be found here!

This collaboration means that Coca Cola staff will enjoy better dental benefits, obtaining a high-end service for great value. Are you responsible for arranging staff training for your brand? Do you think this kind of talk would be useful for your company? More importantly are you interested in special deals and promotional dental services? Then get in touch quick using the QR code below!

Dr. Oscar Sum of Aidencare speaks to Coca Cola compay

Dr. Oscar Sum Dentist at Aidencare

Dr. Oscar Sum is a dentist in Shanghai practicing in central Shanghai who performs Implant surgery, Orthodontics, and other advanced dental procedures.

Please call 19117386506 or scan the QR code to enquire about an appointment with Dr. Sum

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