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whitening syringe gels Aidencare Dental Clinic Shanghai

What to expect on the first appointment

As mentioned in the previous tooth whitening article, we recommend a cleaning and sandblasting before starting any whitening treatment. Afterward we take impressions to make a whitening tray for you - The process of making the tray takes around 1 hour.

custom whitening tray provided by Aidencare Dental Clinic Shanghai

What to do with the tray?

Once you have the tray, you can make sure it fits Then you can start applying the whitening gel into the tray (as pictured above) to just the front teeth (no need to put on the back molar teeth or the tongue side of the teeth)

How long to keep it in?

You can keep this in overnight (8 Hours) If you want to get the most out of it, you can brush your teeth after the last meal of the day and start the whitening treatment and leave it in till the next morning, this way you can get more than 8 hours of wear.

Home whitening kit including toothpaste Aidencare Dental Clinic Shanghai

What is the toothpaste for?

The toothpaste is for you to use in case of any sensitivity caused by the whitening, some people get very sensitive and others don't, so see how you get on.

How long is a course of treatment?

We would suggest wearing the trays overnight for a period of 1 week and coming to assess the shade of the teeth. If used sparingly this should only go through around 3 cartridges, which means you will have left over cartridges to use at a later stage (like 3 months later)

Dr. Oscar Sum Dentist at Aidencare

Dr. Oscar Sum is a dentist in Shanghai practicing in central Shanghai who performs Implant surgery, Orthodontics, and other advanced dental procedures.

Please call 19117386506 or scan the QR code to enquire about an appointment with Dr. Sum

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