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Treatment by Dr. Oscar Sum; World famous dentistry in Shanghai
Patient treated by Dr. Oscar Sum

Aidencare continues to changes lives by adding confidence to this young lady's smile; another exceptional case performed by Dr. Oscar Sum.

I asked Dr. Sum, What was so satisfying about this case?

Dr. Sum: It has a bit of everything you know, Orthodontics, Cosmetic dentistry in the form of tooth whitening and complex restorative work. The restorative element itself may sound easy, but getting the composite veneer to look super natural requires skill and experience.

Interviewer: So talk me through what was the plan for this case?

Dr. Sum: Well, she started with an anterior crossbite, but her main concern was actually her smile, she didn't like the way her front 2 teeth looked when smiling and initially said she wanted veneers, however after an extensive discussion through looking at golden proportions of teeth, it was decided it was best that she went through orthodontic treatment first before deciding on changing proportions of the teeth, and it was a good decision because in the end she only wanted to change one of her teeth. After ortho, she realised the ratio of the central incisors to the lateral incisors was much more favourable.

Interviewer: I can tell you are really passionate about this, what does it mean to you to do cases like this?

Dr. Sum: I think I've always wanted to do cosmetic work since my internship at 18 at a cosmetic dental clinic, but for true good quality cosmetic work it requires many different disciplines of dentistry to come together and the best cases combine orthodontic and restorative work. The treatment needs to be dictated by someone knowledgeable about both of these.

I caught up with the patient and asked her how she felt about the treatment:

Patient: It's a huge change and I look great in photos, since finishing my PhD I also go on the platform RED and frequently post pictures of myself as well as posting some music videos. It was such an easy painless treatment! It's really difficult to find a dentist you trust in Shanghai!

Here is the picture before the patient's treatment

Before Cosmetic dental treatment

And here is the patient AFTER the patient's treatment:

After cosmetic dental treatment in Shanghai

There have been huge changes to the smile line and overall she radiates with confidence after treatment!


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