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Opalescence whitening gel at Aidencare Dental Clinic Shanghai

The check up

As mentioned before in the tooth whitening article, We will have to do a sandblasting and cleaning to get rid of any surface stain. A check up is mandatory as we have to check for any gum disease or decay which may interfere with the whitening.

The Cleaning and Sandblasting

The cleaning is a standard cleaning using a ultrasonic tip, whereas the sandblaster is like a power shower... it tends to get very wet and feels like your teeth are getting a showered!

Putting on a barrier

Rubber dam placed for tooth whitening by Dr. Oscar Sum

There are different ways of doing this and the technique and method may vary between person to person, but here is an example where I used a "Rubber dam" to protect the teeth. I then use the blue protective gel which further provides a seal and protects the gums. This is to ensure the gel doesn't touch the gum

Using Blue gel dam seal to protect gums

Putting on the gels

The gel is mixed and put onto the teeth and left for 15 minutes. This is then suctioned off after 15 mins and a new application is placed. This process is done 3 times.

Whitening gel - Opalescence by Dr. Oscar Sum

What if the gel hits the gum?

Whilst we do all measures to ensure the gel doesn't hit the gum, sometimes it will do and can bleach the gum. This is a very common thing that occurs and after 1 day the gum will go back to it's original colour

Is it sensitive?

Since we use 40% Carbamide Peroxide, a highly effective whitening agent, it will be a bit sensitive after the procedure. We recommend tooth sensitivity toothpastes like Sensodyne

Does this process damage enamel?

No, it's perfectly safe for teeth!

Dr. Oscar Sum Dentist at Aidencare

Dr. Oscar Sum is a dentist in Shanghai practicing in central Shanghai who performs Implant surgery, Orthodontics, and other advanced dental procedures.

Please call 19117386506 or scan the QR code to enquire about an appointment with Dr. Sum

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